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Compression springs

We currently manufacture compression springs from all types of wire. Wire size range is from 0,30mm to 20,00mm. Springs can be coiled right and left hand direction. Compression spring ends can be: closed and ground, closed and not grounded, open grounded, open and not grounded. We can offer anti corrosion surface treatment like galvanizing, chemical oxidize or other on request.

Extension springs

We produce extension springs from all types of wire. Wire size range from 0,50mm to 16,00mm.
Spring ends can be: machine loops, hooks, fool loops, without any loops, D loops. Spring loops can bu guided on request. We also can offer anti corrosion surface treatment: galvanizing, chemical oxidize or other.

Torsion springs

These type of springs can be made in every type of wire. Wire size range from 0,30mm to 16,00mm. Springs can be right and left hand coiled. Also we can make every type of spring legs. Anti corrosion surface treatment available.

Wire forms

We can manufacture wire forms from soft steel wire size range till 10,00mm and from spring steel wire size range up to 8,00mm.
Also we can straighten and cut to length spring steel wire and soft steel wire as well (straightened wire length can be from 50,00mm to 2000,00mm).